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We the undersigned petition the council to Reject the proposal to permit the development of 1000 homes, a school and associated amenities, in accordance with the Draft Local Plan 2020-2038 on the greenfield land around Cauldwell Road and Derby Road, Sutton-In-Ashfield.

This development has arisen to meet targets set by the Government for infrastructure and regeneration that Ashfield District Council know to be unnecessary. 8,226 houses need to be found to meet these targets and we are told that our local brownfield sites can only accommodate 1,109. The solution? To build on agricultural land and green field spaces on the site.

The Council intends to obliterate the land surrounding the Sherwood Observatory, Coxmoor Golf Course and Bright Sparks Day Nursery although none of these businesses have been consulted over the plans; indeed the Nursery, does not even get a mention, despite its role in the care and education of 98 under-fives in the community). There are other businesses affected, including livery stables and a cattery.

This greenfield land provides sanctuary for passing residents, walkers, runners, cyclists and horse riders and is one of the only remaining arable farming sites locally. Wildlife exists in abundance including badgers, bats, toads, hedgehogs, deer and raptors including buzzards and sparrow hawks.

The land is protected from flooding arising from its natural undulations and drainage. Additionally, Cauldwell Dam, sustains fishing stock, cormorants and herons (protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981) in addition to the leisure pursuits of fishing enthusiast for over fifty years. Contaminated waste from building this proposed site will present disastrous consequences for this aquatic ecosystem.

The site is of historic and archaeological interest. Hamilton Hill may date back as far as the Iron Age and supports ancient trees, fossils and hedging. There is considerable scope for the site to be explored further. Whilst the plan includes a buffer, the development would terminate future exploration of the site. Hamilton Hill is so significant to our heritage, that it gives rise to the name of neighbouring town Mansfield and the River Maun because of its iconic mammary shape. Etymological studies reveal that these sites were formerly known as Aqua Mam and Mammesfield.

Coxmoor Golf Course, a prestigious local club wishes to reward its members with the promise of countryside views and a focussed game without the need to be conscious of surrounding dwellings and the potential for dangerous, overhead golf balls to reach them.

Sherwood Observatory and Planetarium have brought space discovery to our local area and rely on natural light, unobscured views and state of the art telescopes which cannot be compromised by the existence of a housing estate.

Bright Sparks Nursery is an outstanding provider of Early Years care and education for local families and has a responsibility to connect children with greenspaces and protect them from air pollution. The British Lung Foundation sites construction and road pollution as two of the main causes of lung disease arising from childhood exposure.
Residents and their families will be exposed to the same risks and the development exacerbates the local exposure to micro-particles after the development of the Mansfield Sand Quarry in recent years.

The district council has also been made aware of the falling birth rate locally and the issue of falling rolls in schools, further negating the need for increased infrastructure locally.

This ePetition ran from 24/10/2021 to 01/12/2021 and has now finished.

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