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From Stewart Chalkley, Hucknall


Ashfield District Council is proposing to develop housing on the allotment site on Wesley Street, Annesley Woodhouse.  There has been a tremendous amount of inaccurate and mistruths coming from elected members of the Ashfield Independents. 


As residents form Annesley want to produce their own fruit and vegetables, why has this site been targeted for development, when there is a waiting list for occupation?”



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Urgent Item: Appointment of new Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Covid-19 Recovery Scrutiny Panel


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Hucknall Relief in Need Charity


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Cllr. Chris Baron

Cllr. Jim Blagden


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30 November 2024


(3 year term)




Hucknall Relief in Need Charity


Cllr. Chris Baron

Cllr. James Blagden



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Notice of Motion 1

Motion 1

To consider a notice of motion proposed by Councillor Helen-Ann Smith and seconded by Councillor Dave Shaw, as follows:-


“Ashfield District Council notes the government’s Elections Bill, which is undergoing its second reading in the House of Commons, will require individuals to show photographic ID for UK Parliamentary elections in Great Britain, local elections in England, and Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales.

It further notes a Cabinet Office impact assessment that estimates the policy will cost up to £180million.  £180million would buy 15,316 hip operations, 5,986 new ventilators or 9.9million hours of tutoring in schools. 

This Council acknowledges that there were 171 allegations of in-person voter fraud at polling stations in Local and Parliamentary elections from 2014 to 2019 - of which three led to a conviction. 

This Council believes that at a time when the country is facing huge financial challenges due to COVID-19, spending up to £180million over ten years on a Voter ID scheme to make it harder for people to vote in elections is wrong both morally and shows a lack of priorities. 

Ashfield District Council believes that Voter Identification laws are a costly solution to a problem that does not exist and is a distraction from our recovery from Covid-19.

This Council notes the views of charities including Save the Children, independent campaign groups such as Greenpeace, and the trades union movement, who have condemned the Election’s Bill as “…an attack on the UK’s proud democratic tradition and some of our most fundamental rights”.

The types of ID accepted include passports, driving licences and blue badge cards, yet according to a UK-wide study commissioned by the Cabinet Office, more than 2 million people lack the necessary ID to take part in UK elections. 

This Council believes that thousands of residents in the Ashfield District do not own photo ID.  These proposed laws will disproportionally effect areas with higher levels of deprivation across the Ashfield District.  Poorer residents, the elderly, the young and people with disabilities will be impacted. 

Ashfield District Council therefore agrees to write to the Secretary of State for Justice, who is responsible for constitutional affairs and all Nottinghamshire MPs requesting that they oppose the photo identification element of the Elections Bill currently going through Parliament.”

Motion 2

To consider a notice of motion proposed by Councillor David Martin and seconded by Councillor Lee Waters, as follows:-



“Ashfield District Council notes that General practice in England has faced an extremely challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It further notes that according to the latest figures available from the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group – nearly 25,000 residents across Nottinghamshire had to wait more than a month for a GP appointment in June and that nearly 40% of residents don’t have access to face to face consultations anymore.

Ashfield District Council believes that access to a GP is a post-code lottery and is creating a health care crisis which is especially acute in places like Hucknall and  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


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